Vets Capture Vinarco International Tens Trophy Again

Yesterday, at the Patana International School, thee Banger Vets played some magnificent rugby to win for a second time, the Vinarco International Tens. It was by no means an easy encounter. Both sides played tough, uncompromising rugby with a try a piece when the full tine hooter sounded.

Going into overtime, the Vets moved their game up a gog and for their efforts, scored an opportunist try late in the period. There was small dispute regarding the try lodged by the Southerners however, the referees and linesmen after consultation, awarded the points to the Bangers. This was enough to win the game and the trophy to the jubilant Old Boys. 

The Regional Managing Director of Vinarco International,.Thierry Cusin, was on hand to award the trophy to a very happy Vets Captain. Andrew Tatam. Final score : Banger Vets 12. Southerners 7

Vinarco International Tens

Vincarco International Tens

Vinarco Internationa Tens

vinarco International Tens