Soi 33 Cup

Saturday 20th September dawned as any other day but there was a taste of excitement in the air. Saturday was a day of destiny and every Banger on and off the paddock felt the importance of what was to come in their very bones. The meet time of 1.30 arrived and the majority of the squad were already warming up, unheard of in Banger history! Everybody aware that what was about to unfold would shape the rest of our year and haunt our dreams or nightmares whichever way the dice rolled.  A fine turnout saw nearly 30 Bangers ready to play their part and as is Banger tradition everyone graced the field during the afternoon.  This was the first 80minute game that many of us had seen in a while and it is certainly longer than many remembered.


Soi 33 Cup


The game kicked off and we immediately set the pattern of the game with smash after smash tore into the Southerner’s defence.  Time and again they repelled our attacks but this did not stop the mighty charges from McBride, Carlos, Eddie and Sopo to name a few.  Then from nowhere the ghost of Wogga smiled down and from their first visit to our half they walked through our lines to score the first try. Bugger! This was not in the script!  These were to be their last points as the relentless Banger pressure turned over ball and pushed on and over the whitewash again and again.  The floodgates never opened but the scoreboard just kept on turning over.  Even a drop goal from our new Frenchy Cyril was met with smiles; until later at least. John “the hands” Rose had learned from the previous week and held on to the egg shaped object that Jacques kept throwing his way. Heath rampaged like a squirrel on speed and Stuart made a raging guest appearance in shorts longer and older than himself. Eddie will tell you about his 3 tries with a combined distance gained of -0.5m – amazing!  Man of the match was an unstoppable Carlos who never again can pretend to be the Teddy bear of the team after a display compared by some as a Hippo on ice with an ice cream van at the other side of the rink! 37 unanswered points from the Bangers finished off a memorable day in our club development and will be well remembered when we meet again at Tournaments throughout the year ahead.

Afters at the Red and White and later in the Londoner were well attended and many beers were quaffed and I for one was reminded why Rugby should be played on a Saturday.  Wall Street was rocking and Bangers old and older showed why we are the club we are!

Well done Bangers and remember Mosman are here on Saturday and we need everyone if we are to continue our winning run!!!


Colts Cappie