Saigon Dirty Geckos

Old Bull Elephant Squashes Dirty Gecko in Bangkok
A touring team coming to play the Old Bangkok Bangers?  "Never!" they cried, especially as it was an old boys side to boot, on their first voyage upon the old fellows road of rugby fun.  Thus recent history was made last Saturday 18th October as the Dirty Geckos arrived in Bangkok to take on the mighty Bangers on our home turf.  A touring party of 23 with 15 players certainly laid down the gauntlet and up until the last moment the number of Bangers available to defend our honour was in doubt.

Bangers and Dirty Geckos

A 1pm kick-off is cruel at any time but in Bangkok with over 35s it is some kind of hell for sure but the old rugby gods smiled down on Patana fields providing a breeze and even a cloud or two.  The worries about numbers soon evaporated as 20 stout Bangers from every possible hole and crevice in Bangkok arrived and prepared in new shorts on old legs to do battle.  The Colts were there as oft have been the Old Boys in the past to cheer and drink and cheer again.

Bangers & Dirty Geckos
The first third ended with the Bangers a try down with an ever green back line proving strong for the Dirties.  Realisation that this was going to be a real challenge kick-started the battling Bangers to do what we do.  Des remembered how to catch so the outside men with Trevor rolling back the years started to fire while the forwards well, went forwards.  Niccolas, Bob, Stewart, Eddie and even Jeff once carried the ball and kept the ball alive showing the benefits of regular training on a Sunday.  The score board started to tick as the Bangers took control of the game only to let some of that good work slip in the third period.  Just as the Dirties started to threaten an upset Eddie charged creating a hole big enough for a whale to go through and he did all of 20cm to the line.

Bangers & Dirty Geckos
The final whistle was puffed by a light footed scamperer in the form of Grant on Red Bull and the players wheezed in relief.  Straight into the celebrations with beers at the ground before heading into town for a rare but enjoyable pub crawl.  We started at Cheap Charlies’ before taking the Sky Train to the Londoner, then The Office before a fine BBQ supper at our very own Wall Street.  We hosted like hosts should and played like the club we are!

Bangers & Dirty Geckos
A great celebration of what rugby is all about and now we can look forward to a whole club tour to Saigon coming your way soon.  Remember to sign up when the dates come out as it should be a cracker jack tour!
Colts Cappie. Tates X