Colts make the last eight

Upon hearing the good news of the Weasel Cup Victory by the Old Boys those Colts travelling down to Phuket on the Friday decided to join the celebrations early and at only 40 Baht a can on the plane, who could blame us!

The arrival at the Hotel was reminiscent of a family reunion where the Bangers Anthem was sung with gusto by the Colts and joined with feeling from the well oiled Old Boys. Tour Time was upon us!

Bangers Colts at Phuket

Saturday morning came too soon and away we wobbled for a hazy meeting with destiny.  The stadium was hot and the pitch was the hardest least grassy piece of land the world has ever known. The only slightly soft bits were other peoples skin from the day before, nice!

First up were the Bedok Kings of Singapore and very good team indeed.  The Colts hit the ground running and swamped them with a dazzling opening 5 minute display where we refused to let them have the ball and smashed and smashed and then span. Lovely stuff!  We kept the pressure up and scored 3 tries even kicking a couple of conversions to give us a 19-0 Victory opener. Wow the Bangers were not just here for the beard wearing! The finest compliment from the Kings was that my breath was the worst he had ever smelt and that had actually put them off tackling.  Not all unfortunately as I received the freak accident of having my scalp rubbed clean off on the baked ground.

Our second game was against the Dubai Hurricanes where we battled again with true Banger style and grit.  The opening try never came and the defences of both teams stood strong. Christo “the Ferret” Lemmers typified this with a track back tackle that even his Mum would not have believed possible. Then a usual tournament free kick for throwing short at the lineout and a moment of lapsed concentration allowed them to take a quick tap and walk under the posts.  The conversion was missed and the siege began on their line.  With seconds on the clock it looked like we were in but Roberto “the blinkered” charged the only defenders he could find before the ball was finally spun wide where Chris “Gandalf” Lynn was over in the corner. The team thought yes, the crowd squealed it has to be, the ref said lost ball and Chris said…. Bugger! Toot and the game was gone 5-0.

The final game of the day was against Penang All Blues.  Dragging our wounded and battered bodies onto the high velt once more we roared into the game with possibly the finest 5 minutes of Bangers Rugby with inside ball after inside ball before great back play opened the scoring. The game continued in this vein finishing off with a great individual try from Steve “big strong kiwi’ Steve. 3 tries to 1 in our favour at the close of play. Woof! The Colts were in the Cup. Top 8 out of 24 was a great performance on our first visit as the Colts.

Saturday night was truly amazing with Ali Banger and the 30 drunk blokes certainly making their mark on a stunned Phuket used to the unusual.

Sunday dawned ……… apparently.  A very poorly Colts Cappie then led a very ragged Colts team into the Cup against eventual final losers the Loki Odins.  We lost!  Into the plate and a rematch with Bedok whom we had smashed on the Saturday.  The tables were reversed with an individual try from Michael “the young lad” Murgs the only high point in a ragged game.  And we were spent!

Back in the stands our loyal group was entertained by Cider and a few welcome visitors who kept the banter flowing until flight time.

A tour that will live long in the memory at least the bits that can be remembered!

Fellow tourists I salute you!

Colts Cappie X