Wogga’d Again!

Saturday 3rd and Sunday the 4th May saw the Old Bangkok Bangers challenging for honors on and off the padlock at the ninth annual Chris Kay’s Memorial Pattaya 1O’s Rugby Tournament.   Having surprised South East Asian rugby and ourselves last year by reaching the final, expectations were high and support from players incredible with over 25 players signed up for the challenge.


Bangers in Pattaya

After some Friday night frolicks our first game was against Chonburi University at the ridiculously early time of 9.18am. Being young and fit was no match for power and experience as the Bangers romped home 43-0 to settle the nerves. Our next game was not until 1pm so many Bangers once again showed our club spirit by helping out the Phuket Vagabonds and Buccaneers who were short of players. Our own next game was against our old friends the Bangkok Japanese who never gave up as we beat them 26-0 and the Bangers were left with a few areas to work on. Our final group game came against Phuket and with our full squad fired up and ready we produced a first half half to remember with phase after phase of power and destruction easing off a little in the second half to close 38-0 winners. Certainly a great day for the Bangers record books as we ended our 3 games with 107 points for and 0 against. Woof! Typical Banger bonding and Saturday shinanigans ensued with beers in the lovely Horseshoe Point pool followed by a very generous invitation by our very own Trevor to attend his building project bash on a bridge. Bangers ate, drank, sang and danced for the entertainment of other more sensible guests before heading back to town. A small band continued with the glorious sock because they could and loved it, even with a supposedly dry Pattaya.

Sunday brought day two and over fist game was a quarter final and grudge match against the Red Dot Rebels from Singapore who had beaten as at the Bangkok 10s in February. The Bangers were determined, miserly in defense and furious in attack eventually coming home as 15-0 winners.

To the semi final where the Southerners Gold Team waited as a re-run of last years final. The game kicked off and the Bangers attacked with aplomb as we had in each game but this time we did not cross the line early to settle the nerves. It was from our attack that led to their fist try as the ball popped out on the try line and was hoofed down the field, pounced  upon and a score against the run of play. Through the forwards we came and finally broke through for a try to even it up. The conversion was missed as was a last gasp drop goal effort and so full time was 5-5. Two minutes golden points extra time followed and if it remained a draw we would go through to the final on our superior try count of 17 to 6.

As has happened in the past we got a little excited and span the ball wide where lady luck deserted us and Wogga was on hand to collect a messy ball and race the length of the field to leave us wondering what might have been. Bummer! The Bangers reacted in typical fashion with an ear splitting rendition of the new Bangers anthem before heading to the pool and a nice cold beer.

Every Member of the squad deserves a large pat on the back for a great weekend but a few individuals epitomized our performance and they were Jacque, Mossy and old Banger friend in the form of Dragon.

Thank you to all those who made the effort to play or support us in Pattaya and let’s get it on again for next year!

Colts Cappie – Tates