Mosman RFC

For the third week-end in a row, the Old Bangkok Bangers were at Patana to play a 15’s side rugby game.
Thia time, it’s an Aussie tourists team, freshly arrived from Sidney who was proposed to the Old Bangkok bangers.


Mosman RFC & The Bangers


The Mosman RFC decided to close their season,with a tour to the country of smiles.
As the previous Saturday, all the Bangers were on time at the ground to discover that it was definitively not a golden oldies game and also that in Kangaroo country, the average size is a little bit bigger than we find in Thailand

So the first tactical choice has to be made by coach Pete, when he decide to lend our youngest and oldest player to the visitors, who were short on players. You might wonder why it was tactical but at that time nobody would have thought that Trevor would play more than 5 mn

It’s under a scorching sun and after a quick remind of the new IRB rules that one the smallest Aussie on the pitch (Banger John) made the kick off. The Bangers did a good start with a lot of pick and go and crash balls but the young opposing defence, not impressed at all, tackled everything they could and were aggressive enough on the ruck to get some turn over balls.

It’s with one of them that the Mosman’s back line managed to get round of the Bangers defence and use the advantage of not having full back on the pitch to take the direction of the try line. The conclusion of the move was a great moment of emotion when the outside centre had the presence of mind to wait the old man who was running and screaming 20 meter behind him to offer him the try. Unfortunately for the Bangers, the scenario of Phuket did not happened again and Trevor has been able to score his first try for a long, long time…  (I can’t remember when the last one was and I’m even not sure to have seen one!!!)

Anyway, the conversion was missed and the Bangers, well led by colt Cappie, Eddie, Gino, Sopo , Steve and Bob, to name some of them, were back on the game but the score of 5-0 remain unchanged until the first half time.
The second Half was the exact copy or the first one with a good ball possession and some four or five phases moves from the Old boys  but the young defense was strong enough to contain all the assault and it’s again, against the course of the game that the visitors score a second try unconverted.

So, it’ with a 10-0 score down that the bangers start the 3rd period of 20 mins but despite all their efforts, witness the K.O of bob, the heat, the tiredness and the uncontested scrums (due to injuries) did not allow them to fill the Gap. The final score of 10-0 for Mosman, remained on the Board.

Happy to have finished and be able to start thinking about drinking, both teams start to sing their club song on the pitch before crossing the road and start the re hydration session. Bangers finally get the revenge by winning the 12 men boat race and after couple of song everybody decided to move to town and met a W.S.

The owner was not there to welcome the winners but luckily the landlady was there and makes the right decision to ring the bell a couple times to keep everybody happy. Then I can’t tell much as the rest of the night is a blank…

So I would like to thank everybody who turned up (Supporters included),  to give a great time on and off the field  to the Mosman’s boys, which I’m sure ,will now spread the word around their small continent without forgetting Trevor who show one more time what the club spirit is about by accepting to play for the visiting team for the whole game.