Impressive Win By Colts In SEA Cup Opener

The Banger Colts delivered their best performance ever in the SEA Challenge Cup to edge the Selangor Dog in a thriller at the Kasersart Grounds last Saturday afternoon.

Both teams set out to play an attacking brand of rugby. The Colts threw the kitchen sink at the Dogs in the frenetic first quarter, and managed two well worked tries for their efforts. In the second quarter, the Colts briefly lost their grip on the game and the Dogs exploited chances that came their way, grabbing two tries from Banger handling errors.

This season, the team management has worked on the Colts game resilience and it came to the fore Saturday afternoon in the third quarter. The response was impressive. The Colts brilliantly unleashing prolonged attacks, maintaining possession through multiple phases, punching holes in the Dog backline and moving the ball at pace to stretch the defence. It was the Colts at their scintillating best.

The Colts discipline was exemplary in the face of some innovative attack by Selangor. Every man in the blue, red and white shirt, stepped up. Adrien Simon and Roberto Goulo cajoled the Colts in the final stanza when the team were tiring. The players responded and lifted their performance yet again. Sopo and his brother Kilea both played blinders tackling hard and were a threat with the ball in hand all afternoon.

Max and Adrien also had mentionable games working the backline on their terms. Selangor are a competitive side and the score line did not in anyway diminish their efforts. The Colts were made to work hard for the win.

After the game it was few sideline beers then back to the Tenderloin clubrooms. A special Banger night followed that will be remembered by many. The players managed to get through four kegs of Heineken and that was before that went out on the town. Stories are still coming in. Final Score : Old Bangkok Bangers 27, Selangor Dog 19.

Banger Colts v Selangor Dogs