Depleted Colts Lose to In Form Navy

A tough start to the 2014 Thai Rugby Union season. saw the Banger Colts up against the defending champions the Royal Thai Navy at Kings College. Despite the absence of several regulars, coach Andrew Raming fielded the best of breed from the available Colts. This was always going to be difficult game.

The Navy gained control early, forcing the Colts to spend five minutes camped on their own try line defending waves of Navy attack. The Bangers managed to keep the sea siders out, allowing just a penalty goal.

In the next phase of play, the Colts played well, grinding their way up the field. A penalty goal evened the contest. It was soon evident however, the well organized and skillful Navy running and passing game was becoming increasingly difficult to contain. It was only strong aggressive defense that kept them on the back foot. The best Colt move came when Benjamin Rawson the go to guy in these situations intercepted a pass and scored a great try in the corner.

In the second half, the Thai Navy continued to dominate proceedings. Their patience and control in attack gave them the edge. The Bangers remained undaunted. It was their commendable spirit that made the Navy work for their points. One individual performance that stood out, was the Man Of The Match, Dan Schelhorn. In his first season of rugby he impressed in attack and defense and prevented two certain tries.

To their credit, the Bangers heads never dropped and they finished the game strongly. The result left the players contemplating how to achieve more consistency in performance. Final Score: Royal Thai Navy  Banger Colts

Bangers Colte v Royal Thai Navy