Colts v Southerners Clash Over After Twelve Minutes

Rugby is a game played in all conditions. Postponement of a top level game is almost unheard of. But that’s exactly what happened last Wednesday evening at the Air Cadet School ground, where the Banger Colts met the Southerners in their TRU Tournament encounter. This was the game both clubs were looking forward too. Bragging rights and the Soi 33 Cup were on the line.

After a promising start, despite the conditions – incessant rain, thunder and lightening – the severe weather worsened. The game was only tweve minutes, old when the referee consulted with both sides and wisely deemed it was too dangerous to play on. A lightening strike was the main concern.The match will be rescheduled.

The Bangers distinguished themselves by notching up a well worked try in the first ten minutes. It was shortly after this the game was postponed. The Bangers were fortunate on the night, to have their A team available. The club knew it was going to be a real test of expat rugby supremacy in Bangkok.

After the game postponement, their was nothing left to do, but returned to the club house for few drinks. As the current holders of the Soi 33 Cup, the Colts took the Cup back with them and placed it back in the trophy cabinent for safe keeping.

There was however, more drama. The rain continue and Soi 33 flooded up to knee level. The Bangers being an enterprising bunch, stayed on believing thay could outlast the rain with more beer. The rain won… There was probably a few sore heads the next day. Postponement Score : Banger Colts 5, Southerners 0

Banger Colts v The Southerners

Banger coltsv southerners
banger colts v southerners
banger colts v southerners