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 The Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club mission is to support and encourage a healthy approach to rugby and training for individuals of any nationality and of all levels of ability. Through the camaraderie of a club atmosphere, members enjoy rugby for the purposes of general fitness as well as personal and team goals.

Behind our games, we have a vibrant club that exists for the purpose of supporting the players, promoting rugby culture and reaching out to the community. More importantly, the club serves to introduce new players to the game. The club is proud of the manner in which it strives to maintain many of the traditional values associated with club rugby. The club is very supportive of its players and as a result is able to generate a club-room atmosphere that is the envy of many.

A principle objective of the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club, is to promote the code and raise funds to assist with the development of youth rugby in Thailand. The club proudly supports the Nak Suu Tigers Rugby Academy Development Program with funding and coaching support. In addition, we provide financial assistance to the Asia Center Foundation Scholarship Program in Phuket, providing educational support for Thai children.

The Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club have a strong presence in Thailand. Your company receives the benefit of exposure at all our rugby and related social events. In addition, there will be appropriate mention in all in house promotional material including posters, press releases, the website with links to your company, outdoor banner advertising and acknowledgment in the local media.

Over the course of the year, a substantial number of potential customers will witness our games and players with your company logo emblazoned on our casual wear, banners and/or tour kit. Aside from these benefits, we can promote your company through additional publicity activity, the sponsor considers worthwhile.