Bangkok Marathon

Sunday morning 23rd Nov. started slightly different from the usual routine. After a good night sleep and slipping on the training "take it to the vomit" shirt, a few tenacious bangers took it upon themselves to represent the Old Bangkok Bangers in the masses of the Bangkok marathon 2008. We met up near the Royal Palace and made our way down to the starting line, being stopped frequently by fans that wanted to have their picture taken with such a virile group of Bangers. Drawing closer to the starting point the last Red Bull supplements were taken and we were ready to go. By this time the tension was mounting and in known Banger’ style it resulted in a premature ejection into the race, jumping the gun to stay ahead of the pack. Unfortunately we were called back by the marshals and needed to wait until the official start.

After the official start we stuck to our game plan: we would adjust our speed to our Capitaine’s heart rate monitor; red meant slow down, blue meant get the ambulance. Things were going very well at a steady pace. After the 4km mark the group decided to stretch out among the other runners to get more camera exposure. Passing barefooted children, grandfathers with double knee braces, housewives with poodles, semi-drunk runners in jeans straight from the club, and many others, all Bangers were successful in reaching the finish line of the 10.55k run, meeting up with Andy Raming along the way. Times: Christo 1h02min, Roy 1h08min, Eric 1h15min (with shit stop), Milky 4h26min (full marathon), Johnno 1h16min, Bob & Jeff 1h18min (still a quarrel who was keeping who up, waiting for more footage) and Bo 1h31min (last but best looking).

Later on that day all runners came to Sunday afternoon practice to prepare for the "Soi 33 Cup" against the Southerners next Sunday 2:30 pm on Patana grounds.
Well done fellas!