Bangkok International Tens Just Keeps Getting Better

Those that have been to earlier Bangkok International Tens, will agree that the event every year just seems to get better.

All the games over the weekend were entertaining to watch with many talented players putting their abilities on display. To experience the team spirit and passion for the game, hard play, camaraderie, and unique spirit was something special.

Bringing together of so many like minded individuals into one vibrant, positive, festive environment is not an easy ask. But it happened and every moment was a memory. Seeing all the different teams drinking together after the days games and just celebrating the beauty of rugby was a positive experience. The beer tent was awesome. Kilea"s reggae band that played on Saturday and Sunday night really a added a vibrancy and a sense of occasion to the evening

The Bangers played their part taking home some new silverware. The Colts won the Shield competition in a hard fought match against the Thai Air Force. The Bangers Vets upstaged the younger lads winning the Cup in Old Boys Division against the Rhubarbs a team that never understood the words "give up". The scores in both final Banger games were 14 – 0. Lets not forget the Banger Ancients. They put on a magnificent half time show thrilling the crowd with rugby from yesteryear.

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