Bangers Turn Up In Droves For Teru’s Farwell Match

Last Sunday, over thirty Bangers turned up for Teru"s farewell match at the Patana International School. Teru, a popular Bangkok Japanese player for many years is relocating back to Tokyo.

The players from the Bangkok Japanese and the Bangers were mixed into two squads. The game was everything a social game should be. free flowing, spirited and enterprising. The score wasn’t what it was all about however, it was was convenient that the match ended up a draw.

There was only one thing left to do and that was to celebrate the departure of Teru at the Red & White across the road from the ground. A memorable night followed. Coincidentally Earth, the popular Banger and former Thai National Team member, is leaving the club to take up an assignment in Bejing, China with the Royal Thai Embassy. There was no excuse not to party.

teru's farewell

 terus farewell

terus farwell