Bangers take round two in the Soi 33 Cup saga

Thanks to the PAD the mighty Bangers had a cast of 30+ players available for their date with destiny in the second encounter with the Southeners for the Soi 33 Cup. Only Sopo who decided to take the bus to Australia, Brett stucked in Malaysia and Jacque who said something in Africannes and just watched were missing from a strong looking lineup for the Bangers.

The Southerners were not in such rude health and needed some Banger reinforcements for the afternoon. Several young Bangers bravely volunteered to swap shirts and even a sprightly and at times moany Eddie also added some experience to their pack. A cracking game started at a silly pace from the point of view of many of our old legs with the ball fizzing around when it was not being dropped anyway. The scrum count for knock ons must be a record but we enjoyed the rest and drove our way through their pack on numerous occasions. With the scores fairly even at half time the Bangers recovered their pick and go game and notched up a great try and as we headed into the final quarter our pressure began to turn into points. My play of the day was a magical lineout just inside their 22 which Nick McBride tapped down to a looping taped assassin, back to McBride onto Laurent and under the posts. Woof! Final score of 34 – 10 was well deserved in the end but I think round three will be the toughest yet as the Southerners will want revenge. Men of the day as chosen by Andy Talling and Jacques were Nick and Christo but mention must also go to Kiwi Steve who was on the ball like a rash all afternoon.

The evening was splendid as expected with a rare visit to the sky lounge finishing off another memorable Bangers day. Hoorah for us!


Colts Cappie