Bangers Sing The Night Away

The Banger Carol Night at the Red & White Sky Lounge last evening was a great night. The turnout was down on last year however, those that rocked up, were in good voice singing a litany of family favorites lead by the Club Captain Andrew Tatam.

One of the traditional high points of the evening is, when Bangers from each country represented in the club, sing a ditti from their native country. The Bangers particularly embraced the Italian selection this year. Roberto Guolo the Club Chairman, chose the classic "Con Te Partiro" -Time To Say Goodbye -,the Andrea Bocelli favorite. The Bangers were not content to listen to Roberto, these closet baritones took over. For a magical three minutes they must have all thought they were Bocelli. Andre should not have to worry about his day job. That what beer does to you. It was good effort and kick started a memorable night.

Banger Carol Night