Bangers On Bikes

The Bangers On Bikes Charity Ride, conceived six years ago, is now a yearly event and proudly supported by the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club.

For many years, the Bangers were involved in a rural rugby development program for Thai youth. It was at a rugby training weekend in Phuket, that the players were introduced to the Asia Center Foundation (ACF). ACF provides assistance and educational support for underprivileged Thai children in Phuket

After talking to the staff and children at the Center, the Bangers thought they could help in some way.It become apparent that funding was always an issue. The decision was made to support the Center in their long term mission to build a school.

The ride was the brainchild of Bob Pearson the talented Bangers rugby veteran. Bob enlisted the support of like minded Bangers, Pete Burgess and Jean-Francois Klentzi and decided to organize a sponsored cycle ride from Bangkok to Phuket.

In the following years, additional riders have thrown their weight behind the ride including Patrick Bernard, Martin Hodgson, Richard Folds, Andrew Lamont, Trevor Day, Rod Kerr and Jim Beckett. All the riders fund their own ride. It is strictly volunteer. All monies collected go to the charities.

Following on from this, the Old Bangkok Bangers upped the anti and support another charity, the Nak Suu Warriors Rugby Academy located in the slums of Bangkok..The ultimate goal is to have a lasting impact in the lives of young Thais building trust, hope, self esteem, and courage. providing these children with the opportunity to develop skills, and character needed to successfully live a life that will contribute to society.

The ride has established a substantial track record, in Thailand cycling charitable fund raising and not least, friendship, camaraderie and a unique spirit fostered by the event with both the sponsors and the charities.