Banger Vets Win Inaugural Vinarco Tens

The Old Bangkok Banger Vets won the inaugural Vinarco International Tens on Saturday at Patana School. This new rugby festival for veteran rugby players, got off on the right foot with teams fully participating in the mood of the day. Which was good fun, friendship and fraternity. It probably helped that the Tiger girls were dispensing cold beer at reasonable prices at a strategically place kiosk on the half way line. Needless to say Tiger did a roaring trade.

The Vets played well all afternoon in the competition matches, and scored a place in the final against their rugby brothers down the road. The Southerners. The Vets had a dream start notching a brace of tries in the first twenty mintues. Their good form continued for the rest of the match and the lads easily ran out comfortable winners in what could be described as a trademark display game of great running rugby. Vincent Swift, the CEO of Vinarco was on hand to present the trophy to a very happy Banger skipper, Andrew Tatam. Final score: Banger Vets 38, The Southerners 7

banger vets win Vinarco tens