Banger Colt Against Banger Colt

Last Saturday the Banger Colts were scheduled to play their final round robin match in the TRU Competition against one of their favorite teams, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club(RBSC) however, for mystifying reasons the RBSC never made it to the ground.

 The Colts are a resourceful bunch, took this happening in their stride and decided not to waste such a beautiful afternoon and played a game amongst themselves. And what a game it was. For two fifteen minutes quarters they ran at each other with a ferociousness not seen this season. The Thai referee understanding the situation, was easy on the whistle and let the game flow. He really seem to enjoy it. Plenty of tries were scored however, nobody was on hand to record it.

 It was a great afternoon out, with the game played in a ‘rugby-is-the-winner’ spirit. After a few beers on the sideline a quick shower the Colts made there way back in to town to Hooters for a post TRU season celebration. Reports are still coming in. It was apparently a big late night.