Banger Belles

The Banger Belles are a part of the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club and were formed in August 2013. The founding members bonded over a love of rugby and a disappointment at the lack of women’s contact rugby in Bangkok. They joined the Old Bangkok Bangers men at their rugby training sessions and began to recruit women to form a team. They entered and won their first tournament in July 2014 at the inaugural Cebu Women’s 10’s in the Philippines.

The Belles have now established their own weekly contact training sessions. In 2015, a Belle became a committee member of the Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club and the team have continued going from strength to strength with the support of the club. It has been an amazing journey in a short time. The Banger Belles are committed to promoting women contact rugby and developing the growth of the sport in Kingdom.

The team was formed to provide a competitive and social outlet for women of all ages and walks of life, The Belles pride themselves in fostering team spirit, camaraderie, sportsmanship and leadership while encouraging new members Thai and expatriate to join them.

The Banger Belles are committed to having an environment where all shapes, sizes and personalities are welcome. The team goal is to work hard, play hard and have fun while accomplishing these goals. They are not out to win the World Cup, just out there to be better than yesterday.

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