Banger Ancients

The Banger Ancients, were formed six years ago by a group of Bangers of advancing years who found the increasing pace and physicality of the Vets rugby, meant they could no longer risk a run. Hence a new level of play was designed for the over 50‘s and the Banger Ancients were born.

With some players well into their late 50′s and early 60′s, some rule modifications were needed. Essentially, two handed tackles, restricted running, no kicking (that would demand running) and many other rules known only to the referee. We have virtually eliminated the risk of contact (we did have a nasty incident once when a players fell awkwardly sidestepping the bar).

The referee is an important factor in Ancients games. Generally all games result in a draw. It is function of the referees to interpret the rules according to the score. Yellow cards whenever a team scores means it is not worth taking the game too seriously. As soon as the scores are level again, all penalties are forgiven and not mentioned in the match report.

Traditionally, a shot of port is swigged before the game and at half time. For players yellow carded, a mandatory beer is needed whilst sitting in the sin bin.

We issue an open invitation to all evergreen players. If you are in Bangkok get in touch with us. Shirts, socks and shorts are supplied. All you need are boots/trainers. It does not get better than that

If you would like a run with the Banger Ancients, contact Kevin "Wombat" Hulton-Smith Email: