Bangers hold heads high!

After a scorching weekend of Rugby 10s at our Patana School home over the 21st and 22nd of February there were definitely many Old Bangkok Bangers with sore bodies even sorer heads but definitely a smile on their faces.  Both the Colts and Vets turned up in great numbers with about 20 players hitting the turf for the Colts during the weekend and nearer 30 for the Vets which a great achievement alone.

Dougie, you fat f****r!

The Vets did what the Old Boys do and won silverware for Rick’s extended trophy cabinet at Wall Street.  The first game saw us overcome a lumpy looking Pattaya side by a conversion with a 7-5 opening win. Then a first as the Southerners tried their luck at the Old Boys game with a tight and hard fought 0-0 draw the result. With tries hard to come by a final group game against a Tom Kerr enthused Dogs side from KL was always going to be tough.  A couple of beers in the break was supposed to oil the wheels of the Old Boys but it was not enough as they lost 0-10 with an angry Jeff concerned about the possibility of not making the Cup semi. As it happened we made it through to the last 4 by the width of our chairman’s wallet!  Gymcana it was then from Sri Lanka and the lads battled with all of their collective might before letting them in for a converted try.  This was to prove a bit of a bugger as even a disputed Try that was, wasn’t and was again could not change the result as we lost 7-5. Fortunately the Dirty Geckos were so dirty that they did not even turn up on Sunday and the Bangers had a walkover in the Plate final to secure the Plate.  This left plenty of time to celebrate during the afternoon which was taken full advantage of as the Old Boys got stuck in to the beer and the odd steak sandwich whilst supporting the Colts and Tournament heroically.  Well done one and all!

The Colts did not quite have the numbers that we usually boast in the forward lard arse department and several players played out of position for the good of the team. I salute you!  The group games started and some way into our first game so did we against our old adversary the Red Dot Rebels from Singapore which we lost 5-21 and the mood was sombre especially as we saw our old friends the Southerners ripping it up in their opening games. Next up were the Burwood Blues who went on to win the whole shaboodle fro Sydney.  We decided to smash them from the k.o. and did just that which was probably a mistake as it just made them angry!  We battled hard but poor tackling at times let us down against some very big and fast lads and we lost 0-35 which was only 2 more than they beat the Jam Boys by for the record. (Eddie!) Game 3 and we had to rise or sink to the bottom of the beer kegs and we faced the FABs who had just pulled off a surprise draw against the Red Dots. Smash smash and smash again with some running about did the trick and we played with great intensity from whistle to whistle which set the scene for a remarkable Sunday to come with a 19-0 victory.  This victory scraped us into the cup as the final qualifier and the scene was set.  Saturday night was blurry but fun for those who enjoyed the free ale laid on at the Office Bar and Sunday morning was upon us earlier than we expected!  We faced the Singapore Barbarians who had won their pool with 94 points for and 0 against so we had nothing to lose.  We started where we had left off on the Monday and the intensity was awesome apart from John missing the kick that would have been the first points against them!  We continued to threaten an upset until the final act of the game where a gap was taken and they stole the game 7-0 as the whistle blew, bugger! Into the Plate we went and a tasty meeting with the Southerners who had surprisingly lost out to the Red Dots in heir first game.  This was always going to be akin to Beauty and the Beast and with Jeff and Pete helping out we certainly weren’t pretty.  What a game!  We tackled and charged and scrapped on the floor and got the breakthrough just before the break which was converted from a joyous try under the posts….. Then we held on and on and won.  A very proud moment which will live long in the memories of those involved in what was a great and passionate match. Phew, we were in the semi of the cup against Bombay who had great runners and started strongly.  We took first blood with a Steve crash which was converted by Doc and followed by a try from them which left our supporters on the edge of their seats until some interplay led to a game securing try to take us to the final.  The odds would have been special on us getting that far and the fatigue was beginning to tell.  We faced the Thai Barbarians in the final and scored first with some more aggressive play but we could just not do anything when they got the ball wide and their speedmen ran in a couple of beauties on their way to a 7-17 win.  Yes we were disappointed but that soon faded as the reality of what we had achieved sunk in and the beer tasted sweet indeed as we sang and helped ensure some good after match fun was had by our visitors.  I cannot close without mentioning a few of those who carried the Bangers in defence and attack throughout with Nick, Steve and Sopo keeping us on the front foot and Doc proving that you are never too old to provide a cool head. Christo, James, Heath, Brett, Damien, Carlos, Milky, Laurent, Mikey and anyone else who played especially Pete and Jeff who chose us over beer I thank you.

After the awards had been collected and the songs sung even the beer ran dry so we did what we do and picking up sleeping strangers on the way carried on with some great Banger Banter all around.

We will ALWAYS be the BANGERS!!!!!

 Luv Tatesy xxx